Destinasi Wisata 'Underrated' yang Ada Di Spanyol

Untuk menjadi referensi destinasi wisata bagi para traveller yang masih awam dengan destinasi wisata ini, apakah ada traveller yang tahu mengenai yang menjadi topik pembicaraan ini? Yuk berbagi informasi siapatau ada traveller yang lain mau mengajak kamu ikut mengunjungi tempat itu!

Berikut saya kutip dari website touropia mengenai referensi destinasi wisata yang berkaitan dengan topik ini adalah Cadiz .

If ancient appeals to you, Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in western Europe. Located in southwestern Spain’s Andalusia region, this port city was founded by the Phoenicians. Cadiz, with ruins of an old city wall still in place, is a good place to experience a typical Andalusican city. Its Old Town is marked by narrow streets. As you wander through it, it’s possible you’ll come across a park with flora supposedly brought back from the New World by Columbus. Also check out the Cadiz Cathedral with its sculptures of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, and the Museum of Cadiz with its collection of 17th century Spanish paintings.