Destinasi Wisata Terbaik di Wyoming

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Fossil Butte National Monument

Millions of years ago, three great lakes covered much of what is now a high desert in the southwest corner of Wyoming. The smallest body of water known today as Fossil Lake has proved to be a treasure trove of fossilized fish, animals and plants. Located around 15 miles (24 km) west of the City of Kemmerer, the Fossil Butte National Monument features a butte that rises 1,000 feet (300 meters) above the ancient lake bed. Fossils are found all over the butte, and during the summer, visitors can join paleontologists to dig for prehistoric remains. The Monument’s visitor center displays more than 300 fossils found in the region.

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Grand Teton National Park

Established in 1929, the Grand Teton National Park is well known for its stunning mountain vistas, its shimmering alpine lakes and its abundant wildlife.
Stretching from Yellowstone National Park to the City of Jackson, the rugged spine of the Teton Mountains towers more than a mile above the Snake River valley. Sparkling lakes nestle against the foot of the mountains, and moose, bison and elk are among the many animals that make the park their home. With more than 250 miles (400 km) of hiking trails and hundreds of campgrounds, motels and lodges, visitors have their pick of activities and accommodations.