Desain taman dengan tema gurun

Mungkin di Indonesia taman dengan tema gurun pasir masih belum populer, walaupun sudah banyak tanaman dengan tema gurun pasir ditemui di pasar tanaman hias di Indonesia.

Salah satu tanaman yang paling populer untuk taman dengan tema gurun pasir adalah tanaman kaktus dan tanaman agave.

Berikut beberapa contoh taman dengan tema gurun pasir,

House in Atotonilco, Mexico

Photo: David O. Marlow

“Basically, the land was a desert with trees,” says interior designer Linda Warren Simon of her Mediterranean-style country house in Atotonilco, Mexico. She and her husband added fruit trees to give the property a lusher feel but kept many of the native plants. Landscape designer Manrey Silva created the cactus garden along the south side of the home.

House in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Photo: William Waldron

At the late fashion designer Oscar de la Renta’s oceanfront home in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, an artfully composed garden features the bristling century plant and variegated agave, both at left; lanky consolea and candelabra euphorbia, at center; and diminutive golden-barrel cactus, throughout.

Monocot Garden - Harnek Singh

Pam Penick

Stone bridges cross the rocky streambed at various points, and pathways venture into a sunny garden of flowering perennials, roses, canna, native daisies, and more, with agaves and yuccas adding spiky, architecture.

Valencia Botanic Garden

This was one of the most impressive parts of the garden, with no overhanging trees to interfere with the succulent plants. This bed looked particularly good, with Yucca carnerosana (I think- no labels), a small flowering Nolina, Yucca rostrata, and Yucca filifera with Euphorbia candelabrum in the background. At the front of the bed was a snail-ravaged clump of an agave type plant with soft floppy leaves with small purple spots.

Terrace gardens

Aeoniums and lavender, Kalanchoe tomentosa, Aloe striata, with an attempt to tame and train bougainvillea against a retaining wall. A Dragon Tree holds a corner of the upper terrace.

Totara Waters by Peter and Jocelyn Coyle

Jud’s garden, Colorado

Natalie Bessell’s Sky-High Garden and Studio

Design by Frank Mitzel dan Randy Laurie

Design by Rebecca Sweet

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