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Any genre of game that proves itself a hit on PC or console immediately gets its imitators on mobile, sometimes worthy efforts that draw inspiration, sometimes blatant clones. So it’s no surprise to find developers trying to recreate the experience of MOBAs like Dota and League of Legends on your smartphone.

Enter Vainglory. By offering a single lane three on three MOBA experience that is remarkably similar to its bigger PC-based brothers, Vainglory has established itself as one of the most promising MOBAs on mobile worth your time – the studio behind it, Super Evil Megacorp, even has designs on it as an eSport. The touch controls work surprisingly well and with each match generally lasting between 20-30 minutes it can become a real time sink. However as with most MOBAs it isn’t the easiest game to learn, despite a decent set of tutorials (which you really should watch). So to help you on your way to victory in Vainglory here are 10 tips that are sure to give you a competitive edge over your opponents.
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