Terbuat dari apakah kostum Superman?

Menonton film superhero memang sangat lah seru, tapi sering kali muncul pertanyaan terbuat dari apakah kostum mereka. Untuk kostum Superman bahan apakah yang digunakan?

Menurut Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer dari kostum Superman pada film Man of Steel:

The Superman suit is made up of separate layers. There’s an under-layer of sculpted detail mounted onto a bodysuit. Over the top of this we stretched a thin mesh over-suit that is printed with a dimensional chain-mail texture. Then, the final foam-latex elements are affixed – the ‘S’-glyph , the cuffs, the side-body details, etc.

We wanted to evoke a “man of steel” – so our metallic finish has an ambiguous quality, as though it’s an alien metal/armour unfamiliar to us on earth. We wanted our Superman to glow on screen, to create a texture that the camera loves, and make him stand apart from the human race.