Tempat yang Dapat Dikunjungi di Minnesota

Berikut saya kutip dari website touropia mengenai referensi destinasi wisata yang berkaitan dengan topik ini sebagai berikut.

Voyageurs National Park

Outside of International Falls, and close to the border with Canada, is Voyageurs National Park. The park is surrounded by water, including Lake Kabetogama and Rainy Lake. Voyageurs National Park boasts miles of pristine, undeveloped shoreline as well as countless small and uninhabited islands. It is the perfect place to get outdoors and explore, and even during the busiest parts of summer you can easily escape the crowds. More than 50 miles of hiking trails are a big draw, and hiking can allow you to see some of the local wildlife. The park is known for its population of Eastern Timber Wolves, and you can also spot bald eagles, otters and even the occasional moose.

Pipestone National Monument

The main attraction in the city of Pipestone is the Pipestone National Monument. Established in 1937, the monument marks the quarries where local Native Americans lived and worked. The Pipestone National Monument sits atop Buffalo Ridge, which offers a spectacular vantage point over the prairie below. You can watch Native American craftsmen use the pipestone from the quarries to make ceremonial pipes and other incredible handicrafts. Don’t leave without heading over to the city of Pipestone itself, where much of the local architecture is made from a pink mineral called Sioux Quartzite.

Mall of America

For shopping enthusiasts, the city of Bloomington is a mecca. That’s because Bloomington is home to the Mall of America. Saying that the mall is big is a tremendous understatement. The Mall of America is the largest indoor mall in the United States, but it is also so much more. Along with hundreds of shops, the mall boasts dozens of restaurants. Believe it or not, there is even an aquarium and an indoor theme park all contained within this enormous complex.

Info Destinasi Wisata yang sangat bermanfaat, selain tempat-tempat diatas, kamu juga bisa mengunjungi tempat ini sebagai tambahan referensi wisata anda jika sewaktu-waktu mengunjungi USA khususnya ke daerah Minnesota.

Grand Marais

The small village of Grand Marais may have a small population, but it boasts an incredible location. Grand Marais is located next to a double harbor right on the edge of Lake Superior’s North Shore. Grand Marais is home to the start of the Superior Hiking Trail, which takes you to countless vantage points along Lake Superior’s shore and even winds all the way up to Canada. The village is also a blossoming arts hub, with many downtown establishments selling local paintings, drawings and sculptures. A big reason for outdoor enthusiast to visit Grand Marais is because it serves as a gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.