Siapa sajakah pemeran film No Breathing?

No Breathing

No Breathing merupakan film mengenai atlet renang.


Seo In-guk as Jo Won-il, a swimming
prodigy who stopped participating in the sport,
and now wants to make a comeback. He is a
headstrong, impulsive, and live-for-the-
moment kind of guy.

Lee Jong-suk as Jung Woo-sang, a national
swimmer with an ambitious personality and a
need to be always on top. He is uptight, aloof
and hails from a privileged family.

Kwon Yuri as Jung-eun, a girl with a
carefree personality who dreams of becoming
a musician. She grew up with the boys as

Shin Min-chul as Jung-dong
Kim Jae-young as Dae-chan
Park Chul-min as Jae-suk
Park Jung-chul as Coach Jang
Sunwoo Jae-deok as Woo-sang’s father
Ah Young as Se-mi [9]
Jeon Bo-mi as Ha-na
Lee Chang-joo as Woo-hyun
Park Hyun-woo as Jo Min-gook
Yoo Seung-yong as young Won-il
Nam Da-reum as young Woo-sang
Kim Bo-min as young Jung-eun
Jung Min-sung as announcer
Park Yong-sik as head of swimming
Kim Young-sun as Woo-sang’s mother
Kim Jung-hak as reporter Han