Drama atau film apa sajakah yang diperankan personil Super Junior?

Super Junior

Super Junior merupakan idol group berasal dari Korea dibawah naungan SM Entertainment.

  1. Heechul
    Flower Grandpa Investigation
    Bad Family
    Golden Bride
    Loving you a Thousand Times

  2. Hangeng
    A Chinese Odyssey Part Three
    Ever Since We Love

  3. Yesung

  4. Kangin
    Billie Jean
    Look at Me
    Romance Zero
    Hello Schoolgirl
    The Cat Funeral

  5. Shindong
    Attack on the pin up boys
    Single Dad In Love
    Queen Of Housewives

  6. Sungmin
    Banjun Theter : Finding Lost Time
    The President

  7. Siwon
    Oh! My Lady
    Revolutionary Love
    Goddess of war
    the king of dramas
    She was pretty