Diorama USS Momsen DDG-92 oleh Gerin Choiniere

This is creator first submission to the site. Creator built the Momsen straight from the box. Creator have been working on making realistic water and this is one of the kits creator have built for that purpose. Creator definitely scoured the many techniques found on forums and the web for guidance.

For this kit, Creator have a photo that Creator took a of a different DDG performing a fairly sharp turn and it’s wake was a striking color contrast to the dark blue of the sea. Creator wanted to see if Creator could recreate that maneuver. The base is made of styrofoam shaped with a grill lighter and then covered over with paper soaked in acrylic gloss medium. Paints for the model and water are testors model master acrylics and Tamiya.


USS Momsen DDG-92

Baik kapal maupun laut yang diciptakan sangat bagus sekali! efek riak air dan arus yang diciptakan sangat mirip seperti air aslinya. Penambahan helikopter dibelakang juga memperlihatkan keseriusan Modeller yang satu ini. Bagi saya, Laut yang dia ciptakan sangat patut diapresiasi