Destinasi Wisata ‘Underrated’ di Yunani

Untuk menjadi referensi destinasi wisata bagi para traveller yang masih awam dengan destinasi wisata ini, apakah ada traveller yang tahu mengenai yang menjadi topik pembicaraan ini? Yuk berbagi informasi siapatau ada traveller yang lain mau mengajak kamu ikut mengunjungi tempat itu!

Berikut saya kutip dari website touropia mengenai referensi destinasi wisata yang berkaitan dengan topik ini adalah Kefalonia .

The Greek Ionian Islands are among the best loved of Greece’s 6,000 islands. Kefalonia belongs to this group, but it is not as well known as other Ionian Islands like Corfu. Kefalonia is just as beautiful, and boasts breathtaking scenery, but it is a lot less developed and less crowded. On Kefalonia, you can head to the brilliant Drogarati Caves, or you could join a boat tour and admire the island’s four peninsulas from the water. The famous Myrtos Beach, on the island’s west coast, has been repeatedly voted one of the best beaches of the world. Sami Beach is also popular, and it is easy to see why. A white pebble beach, bright blue water and lush green mountains framing the view makes it a truly spectacular spot.