Destinasi Wisata Terfavorit di Kamboja

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Kep is a small sea-side resort that offers a variety of beach activities. Snorkelers can enjoy viewing the corals on the bottom of the shallow sea. Rabbit Island is a popular beach near Kep; conditions are rustic, however, with electricity being provided only a few hours in the evening. Most people visit the island on day trips. Kep was founded as a colonial retreat for the French elite in 1908 and the town is still full of ruined shells of old villas, destroyed in the Khmer Rouge days. Visitors can also take in panoramic ocean views at Kep National Park, visit a butterfly preserve or see how peppers are grown organically.

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Angkor served as the capital of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 14th centuries. As such, it is filled with historic treasures, making it one of the most significant archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Ruins of a thousand temples can be found scattered over farm lands and rice fields. These include the famous Angkor Wat temple, the world’s largest single religious monument, the Bayon temple at Angkor Thom with its multitude of massive stone faces and Ta Prohm, a Buddhist temple ruin entwined with towering trees. Many of the temples at Angkor have been restored, making the huge palace one of the wonders of the ancient world while offering an outstanding look of Khmer history.