BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition (2015)

Grand Prize : Flight of the Egret

Gemenc Forest, Danube-Drava National Park, Hungary


Zsolt Kudich
Budapest, Hungary

Kudich’s passion is creating images that capture nature’s fragile balance in an artistically powerful way. His work has garnered attention and accolades in many magazines, books, and photography contests. His latest project took him to eight countries to explore a string of reserves along the Danube River—the last untouched floodplains in the river basin.

Aquatic Life : Peek-A-Boo

Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands


Beth Watson
Salem, Missouri

A photographer and Missouri landlubber‚ Watson found her true passion when she began scuba diving and took a camera under water. Her calling is to convey the importance of preserving our splendid and fragile ocean ecosystems.

Art of Nature : Water Pearls

Taoyuan, Taiwan


Yingting Shih
Taoyuan, Taiwan

Shih teaches photography as an assistant professor of visual communication design at China University of Technology in Taiwan. He hopes his images encourage viewers to pause and savor the artistry of nature that’s around us everywhere.

Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Flora : Survivor in a Sea of Sand

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, United Arab Emirates


Mark Seabury
Sydney, Australia

Seabury got into photography in his twenties during his international travels as a surfer. In recent years, he has spent many days at sea, aiming his lens at whales from above and below the water.

Terrestrial Wildlife : Monkey in the Snow

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano Prefecture, Japan


Jasper Doest
Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Self-taught photographer Doest wants to give a voice to the wild creatures who share our planet. His work has won acclaim in the UK-based Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Winged Life : Shake It Off

Memphis Zoo, Tennessee


Michael Pachis
Memphis, Tennessee

Pachis’s passion for photographing wildlife is his creative outlet from a 40-year career as a computer technologist. Through his images, he hopes to evoke empathy for animals as fellow inhabitants of our world.

Human/Nature : Defenders of Innocence

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, Zimbabwe


Hilary O’Leary
Harare, Zimbabwe

O’Leary, a native of Zimbabwe, rides bikes, adores horses, and revels in the great outdoors. For her, the African bush is the best place to arrive and the hardest to leave. “My camera goes everywhere with me.”

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