Bagaimana review film Arrival (2016)?

Arrival adalah film drama misteri fiksi ilmiah Amerika Serikat tahun 2016 yang disutradarai oleh Denis Villeneuve dan diproduseri oleh Dan Levine, Shawn Levy, David Linde dan Aaron Ryder.

A different take on alien invasion movies. It’s not about war, explosions, and stuff. The movie plays the notion about time, love and being human. This movie also has a great message for us humans that touched me in many ways. It shows how divided we are as human being.
The performance by the cast are amazing. Amy Adams is outstanding and giving us a moving performance. Jeremy Renner does a solid work as a physicist. Forest Whittaker is also great as the general.
Everything about this movie is so good. It’s not just about communication and language, it mainly concerns us as humans.
One of the best movies i have ever seen. 10/10 :+1::+1: