Atraksi Turis Terpopuler di Zurich

Untuk menjadi referensi destinasi wisata bagi para traveller yang masih awam dengan destinasi wisata ini, apakah ada traveller yang tahu mengenai yang menjadi topik pembicaraan ini? Yuk berbagi informasi siapatau ada traveller yang lain mau mengajak kamu ikut mengunjungi tempat itu!

Berikut saya kutip dari website touropia mengenai referensi destinasi wisata yang berkaitan dengan topik ini adalah Lake Zurich.

This large, glaciated lake was formed by glaciers in the Alps and stretches from Zurich to many other smaller towns, including Thalwil and Kusnacht. The lake is very clean, and is home to many different beaches and swimming areas. Starting from the Bellevue area, a boardwalk goes for about 3 kilometers along the lake towards Tiefenbrunnen. About halfway from Bellevue there is a meadow where it is great to relax on a sunny day. Boat lovers will find a large number of companies offering passenger ships, which can give tours of the lake or take a ferry to some of the other towns on the lake. Travelers here can find large manors, and beautiful islands to explore.