2019 The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest Winners

1. Grand Prize Winner

Tyler Schiffman - United States

BURST California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) framed by kelp beds in Monterey Bay, California. © Tyler Schiffman/TNC Photo Contest 2019

“I was diving the break wall in Monterey Bay and this week in particular had over 40 foot vis for 3 days straight. I had been shooting kelp bursts all day as the light was exploding amongst the canopy above. I had framed this shot waiting for a sea lion to swim by. After 5 minutes, one swam up and paused for a few seconds, I took 3 photos and as rare as it was the moment left in a blink of an eye.”

2. People’s Choice Winner

Diyanto Sarira - Indonesia

WANAYO WATERFALL A small waterfall and stream in Wasior, West Papua. © Diyanto Sarira/TNC Photo Contest 2019

3. First Place, Wildlife

Fernando O’Farrill - Mexico

HOPE Polar Bear in Svalbard, Norway June 2019. © Fernando O’Farrill/TNC Photo Contest 2019

4. Second Place, Wildlife

Raymond Hennessy - United States

SINGING SILHOUETTE A Chestnut-sided Warbler sings out. © Raymond Hennessy/TNC Photo Contest 2019

4. Third Place, Wildlife

Yaron Schmid - United States

THE GREVY’S ILLUSION A Grevy’s zebra staring at the camera in Lewa, Kenya. © YARON SCHMID/TNC Photo Contest 2019

5. Honorable Mention, Wildlife

José David Altamirano González - Costa Rica

AFRICA SALVAJE Botswana, July 2019 © Jose David Altamirano González/TNC Photo Contest 2019

6. Honorable Mention, Wildlife

Giuseppe Bonali - Italy

THE TRIO Three damselflies after a storm in Italy. © Giuseppe Bonali/TNC Photo Contest 2019

“Three bridesmaids, so we call them, in Italy shooting after a storm. I found them very close, with patience I managed to put them on the same level of fire.”

7. Honorable Mention, Wildlife

Sebastian Di Domenico - Colombia

BIZARRE LOOKS A White-Tipped Sicklebill stand completely still as hummingbirds lower their metabolism during night time to avoid starvation. © Sebastian Di Domenico/TNC Photo Contest 2019

“Picture taken in a small waterfall in Sumaco National Park in Ecuador where several hummingbirds where sleeping together.”

8. First Place, People in Nature

Le Van Vinh - Vietnam

DANCE IN THE SEA Fisherman in Hon Yen, Phu Yen, Vietnam. © Vinh Le van/TNC Photo Contest 2019

9. Second Place, People in Nature

Fabio Teixeira - Brazil

PORTRAIT IN GUANABARA BAY A young African refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo floating in the waters of Guanabara Bay, Ramos Beach. © Fabio Teixeira/TNC Photo Contest 2019

10. Third Place, People in Nature

Apratim Pal - India

BATHING TIME Two swimmers enjoy the water. West Bengal, India. © Apratim Pal/TNC Photo Contest 2019